Make Him Addicted To You With These 7 Magnetic Traits

Your mind’s made up. He’s the guy for you.

But how do you make him addicted to you? How do you create the irresistible attraction in a man that will get him to notice you, make him want you, and ultimately make him fall in love with you?

If you want to learn how to make a guy addicted to you, then you have to become a desirable woman. But what is a desirable woman?

What must she understand about men and what traits must she have to keep a guy interested?

A Quick Note About Attraction

Before we proceed, keep this in mind: attraction isn’t a choice.

cute couple - make a guy addicted to youWe don’t decide who we are going to be attracted to. We just are or we aren’t. After all, when was the last time you heard anyone say, “John is such a nice guy. He’s so friendly, polite, and pretty cute too. I think I’ll be attracted to him.” Attraction doesn’t work like that.

However, here’s the cool thing. You can trigger attraction in a man by the way you look, the way you act, and the way you make him feel.

In today’s technological age, you can even trigger attraction in a man through text messages.

He won’t CHOOSE to be attracted to you. He’ll simply FEEL an incredible attraction for you that he won’t be able to resist.

He may not even consciously realize why he’s so attracted to you, but he’ll be drawn to you like a magnet. Click here to learn more about becoming a guy magnet.

Here’s some of the traits it takes to become that rare, desirable woman every man dreams about.

7 Traits Of The Desirable Woman That Will Make Him Addicted To You

If you want to make a man addicted to you, then make sure you work on developing the following 7 traits. The list is by no means complete and comprehensive, but it’s a great start that will help you stand out as a woman who “gets it” and understands what men are really all about.

  • Confidence Reigns Supreme
  • This Isn’t The Academy Awards, So Don’t Be An Actress
  • Be Fun And Full Of Life
  • He Needs Your Feminine Touch
  • Let Him Be A Man
  • Give Him His Space And Don’t Try To Control Him
  • Your Support Means The World

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Confidence Reigns Supreme

If you want to make him addicted to you, then you must be confident in who you are. You don’t have to look like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, or former Playmate Of The Year Sara Jean Underwood to make a man want you. But you MUST be confident and accepting of who you are.

Yes, appearance does matter to men, but guys will choose a confident, average looking woman over an insecure 10 every time. Accept and embrace your faults, flaws, and imperfections. Love being YOU. Confidence has always been and will always be super sexy.

This Isn’t The Academy Awards, So Don’t Be An Actress

For the most part guys fall in love with women just the way they are. They don’t want you to change. This is why men can sometimes become disinterested later on in a relationship if you stop being the same person you were when they met you.

If you want to make him addicted to you, then show him the REAL you right from the beginning.

Don’t pretend you love football when secretly you despise it. Don’t say or do things you don’t want to do just because you think it’s what he wants. Don’t lie about your age, past relationships, or anything else because you’re worried he might not like you if he knows about your past.

Don’t always wear high heels and miniskirts just to attract his attention when you prefer to lounge around in baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts. Yes, changing up your look from time to time is great and a terrific way to keep things fresh, new, and exciting. It helps keep a guy interested over time.

However, the point is to not make him think you’re the “preppy, girly” type who can’t leave the house without her hair and makeup done when really you like to roll around in the dirt. It’s much better to be the real you and then WOW him with an occasional change in appearance that takes his breath away.

Be Fun And Full Of Life

This one is pretty straightforward. Making a guy addicted to you should be fun. Life in general should be fun.

The one thing that will attract a guy to you more than anything is how you make him FEEL when he’s around you.

Nobody wants to be with someone who is constantly depressed or who constantly complains about all the things they hate about their life. We all have problems. We all have issues. We all have things that drain on us emotionally.

But if you drain a man emotionally every time you’re around him because you’re constantly telling him how your friend Betty Jo stabbed you in the back, how you think you’re getting fat, how your friend’s husband is cheating on her, how it’s not fair Bob got a raise at work and you didn’t, etc., then you’ve just created the best “man repellant” in existence.

He has enough of his own problems to deal with. It’s too much if he has to burden all of yours as well, especially if it’s early on in a relationship.

So to make him addicted to you, be fun and flirty. Compliment him and make him feel incredible. Leave all your interactions with him on a high note so he only ever catches a positive vibe from you.

When he realizes he’s always the happiest every time he’s around you, then it becomes a contagious feeling he simply can’t ignore.

And remember, guys love when women flirt with them. Here’s some top flirting tips you can start using today.

He Needs Your Feminine Touch

happy couple - make him addicted to youIn her book Men Made Easy, relationship expert Kara Oh makes reference to “feminine grace”. It’s all about expressing your femininity through your actions and emotions. Every woman possesses this.

Men are naturally drawn to women who are affectionate, nurturing, and who look after others. Your motherly instincts are powerful when used in the right way. Just don’t treat him like a baby.

Let Him Be A Man

Men only know how to be men, and that’s ok. Never try to change a man. He’ll bolt immediately.

In order to make him addicted to you, it’s important to have enough confidence in yourself that you don’t get insecure if he looks at or talks to another woman. Men are attracted to the physical appearance of women and there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s biologically ingrained in their DNA.

If a beautiful woman walks in the room and he glances over, so what? It doesn’t mean he’s going to jump in bed with her. Don’t let your own insecurities make you jealous or angry or you’ll drive him away.

There’s nothing wrong with looking as long as he’s not being completely blatant and disrespectful about it. You can look too you know if a hunka-hunka-man-man walks in the room.

If he needs time to himself, it’s ok. If he needs time with the guys, it’s ok. He might even do harmless, but stupid or idiotic things from time to time. You may not understand what on earth he could have been thinking. It’s ok. Let him be a man and he’ll love you for it.

Give Him His Space And Don’t Try To Control Him

If you want to make a guy addicted to you, give him his space. This goes along with letting him be a man. It’s ok if he doesn’t spend every waking moment with you. Don’t ever make him feel like you’re trying to tell him what he can or cannot do or like you’re trying to take away all the things he loves.

Sometimes men just need time to themselves. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It doesn’t mean he prefers spending time with the guys over spending time with you. Sometimes guys just want and need to be left alone with their own thoughts and problems.

If you can tell something is bothering him, let him come to you. Don’t try to force it out of him or try to get him to talk about it if he’s not ready. If you pressure him, it will push him away.

Have other friends and hobbies so he doesn’t feel like it’s his job to entertain you or keep you from getting bored. After all, it’s not.

Your Support Means The World

Every man has a dream. You may not understand it, but it’s HIS dream and he needs your support if you want to make him addicted to you.

Maybe he wants to be in a band. Maybe he wants to be an astronaut. Maybe he has an idea for some new invention. It could be anything.

You might think it’s stupid or idiotic, but you should support him anyway if it’s not hurting you or anyone else. If he’s going to fail, let him fail on his own. A man won’t stay with a woman who doesn’t support him.

Men crave success. Compliment your man and make him feel successful.

Women get tons of compliments from men. In fact, they get so many sometimes that they completely lose their affect and don’t really mean anything. Do you really pay attention after the 10th guy of the night tells you how beautiful you are?

But guys rarely receive compliments from women. Tell him how good he is at something. Tell him he looks amazing. You’ll stroke his ego and make him feel like a man.

And when you make him feel like a man you create that incredible connection that will make him addicted to you.